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Competitor Backlink Analysis: A-Z Guide with Tracking Template.
Simply paste the URLs into the tool and hit Start" Analysis." The tool will map a bunch of link and keyword data back to each URL. Export the list and filter by number of RDs to get a cleaned list of targets to start replicating. Step 2 Finding where and how competitors are landing backlinks. Now youve got a list of competing websites/URLs, its time to start reverse engineering their backlink profiles and figure out where theyre getting links. Im going to split this step into two sections.: Getting a 10000-foot, view Ill discuss a few tactics for getting a high-level view as to where and how your competitors are getting links. Five quick-win tactics my five go-to tactics when doing competitor research; these are super-actionable things you can implement right away. Note: Ill be using Ahrefs for most of this guide going forward. While I do wholeheartedly recommend using Ahrefs if you intend to follow this guide you can get a 14-day free trial here, you can also use other tools like SEMrush, Majestic, Open Site Explorer or just find out what the top link builders use here.
Competitor SEO Backlink Analysis Tool SEO Backlink Monitoring.
Get access to 30 marketing and SEO tools. analyze competitors, keywords, and backlinks for free. Free Sign Up! EN RU UK. We use cookies to make Serpstat better. By clicking Accept" cookies, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. There is no data for your query. Error: You can not delete clustering project until text analytics is not finished. Success: Competitors list ready View. Success: Competitors list updated View. Loading, please wait. Delete selected keywords? Check your backlink profile with that of your competitors and tap into their most profitable backlinks sources. Serpstat Competitor Backlink Analysis Tool. Sign up free. Serpstat SEO link monitoring tool provides you with the full backlink profile of any site, so you can.: How to use Backlink monitoring? Find low-quality backlinks that can lead to search engine penalties for your website.
How to Find Competitor Backlinks in 6 Easy Steps uSERP.
How to Find Competitor Backlinks: A Step-by-Step Guide. Unearthing your competitors backlinks is a powerful way to bolster a successful link building strategy. After all, if it works for them, it will likely work for you. Perform a thorough link analysis to lift the hood on your competitors backlinks by following these simple steps. Identify Your Main Keywords. If you want to know who your competitors are, you need to know how theyre competing. When it comes to climbing the ranks on a search engine, target keywords are crucial to a strong SEO strategy. Your main competitors will be the ones with a backlink profile that looks just like yours. To uncover these direct competitors, you need to know every target keyword that contributes to your search engine visibility. While you may know the keywords youve actively written into your SEO strategy, its also wise to use a keyword tool to understand which other keywords are most prevalent on your site. Use a tool like Ubersuggest, Spyfu or Morningscore to perform a keyword analysis on your website. Lets use one of Neil Patels tools, Ubersuggest, for this example.:
Backlink Analysis Tool With Historical Data Improve Link Building Strategy.
Export all backlinks found at any service above you have access to. Upload this file in its original format. Upload this file into Linkstrategy tool in one click. Make a backlink analysis on a scale of different periods. Get the backlink report by time periods.
SEO Competitor Analysis Tool The Best Tools for Unstoppable Website Competitive Analysis Nozzle.
This feature enables me to generate a step-by-step action plan for optimizing the content of specific pages I've' already published based on structural data and on-page factors drawn from their organic competitors, such as content length, keyword density, number of headings, page speed, related keywords, etc. Conducting such an in-depth competition analysis would normally take hours but with Surfer SEO's' SEO Audit feature you can get it done in mere minutes. Paul Easton Senior Account Manager at Vine Digital As far as options I am torn between similar tools. Ahrefs Has the best backlink analysis tool, with the widest accurate pull of links. SEMrush best analysis options. SE Ranking simple and easy to use. Johannes Larsson SEO Expert and CEO of Ahrefs would be my favourite tool, without a doubt. When you want to do a competitor analysis, you'll' find everything you need under one roof. One of the best features is Content" Gap" toolwhere, you can see all the keywords your competitors are ranking for, that you don't.
10 Best Free Backlinks Checker Tools in 2021 Paid Free.
The other tools from Ubersuggest will analyze traffic and help you come up with ideas for keywords and content. Another strong keyword study method is Ahrefs. It is easy to use, like SEMRush. It will give you an overview of your chosen domain, and you will be able to drill down and look at several backlink information. Also, Ahrefs makes it very easy to see backlinks youve lost. These are relations that you once had that have disappeared now. Perhaps, for instance, the website owner removed the page that connected to you. Backlinks that are broken may also be found. These are links leading to your website, but using a broken URL that will land on your 404 pages. To repair them, you might need to contact the site owner. You can filter these by Link sort and pinpoint domains that you want to target yourself while testing competitor backlinks. To review internal connexions on your blog, you can also use Ahrefs. To search for internal connexions you unintentionally havent followed, you can filter these, so you can repair them. While testing backlinks for your blog, OpenLinkProfiler provides you with different choices. SEOProfiler gives you this free backlink checker app.
SEO Competitor Analysis Tool The Best Tools for Unstoppable Website Competitive Analysis Nozzle.
You enter the domain name of the competitor and track the website performance, backlink profile and current traffic per month. For an industry recognized tool, I feel Ahrefs is best in the business. Primarily because of the break up they offer in terms of content exploration, website quality issues and suggestions for acquiring links under specific domains. When I recently checked my stats on Ahrefs, It had no edu or gov backlinks. So, now, my SEO consultant is focusing on getting links from such domains to boost authority. Shiv Gupta CEO of Incrementors SE Ranking assists you to monitor competitors search rankings on any engine and objective regions, up to five projects per website. SE Ranking is an all-included SEO software that allows all SEO tools required to strongly complete online marketing projects. SE Ranking is excellent for small business owners, SEO pros, and agencies. The keyword analysis and auditing tools are a fabulous addition to rank tracking. They give precious insights to our on-going campaigns and competitors in an easy to use dashboard and reporting structure.
7 Actionable Ways to Loot Your Competitors Backlinks.
Look at the anchors report for your domain. Site Explorer Backlink profile Anchors. Youll probably notice that the vast majority of links use branded anchors. Dont forget to select URL mode from the drop-down, rather than the default domain/ modethis will ensure that youre only viewing links to your homepage rather than every page on the domain. This is because people tend to link to home pages when making a general mention of a brand, rather than something more specific. Thus, analyzing your competitors homepage links will tell you where theyre getting mentioned. For example, one of the domain-level competitors from our spreadsheethas been mentioned on 20K websites. Because we know most of these links are brand mentions, the question becomes this.: Why did they mention them Moz, but not us Ahrefs? This is what you need to find out and fix. Enter one of your domain-level competitors from the spreadsheetideally one marked as a direct competitor in the final columninto Site Explorer.
5 Best Backlink Checker Tools of 2021 Free Paid.
SEMrush has an extensive database that is updated daily, allowing you to check accurately your websites backlink status. Here is a screenshot of their main page, where Im checking the backlink status of my website. Note how their domain Overview report displays details such as which TLDs zone is linking you to the most pages. You can also find details about the country from which you are getting most links. You can use SEMrush to check backlinks for your website or your competitors website. They also have a backlink comparison tool that you can use to compare your own domains backlinks with others, and get a complete report. Here is one such report.: Overall, SEMrush is a tool that you should be using right now as your backlink checker. Here is the special link that will allow you to try SEMrush for free for 30 days. You can cancel anytime within the 14-day period, and you will not be charged. Get SEMRush backlink checker tool free for 30 days. If you are doing Backlink analysis to find opportunities, you are going to love this one.

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